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Probationary period in the employment relationship

In the online magazine iTiesības, Dace Driče, Attorney-at-Law of PRIMUS DERLING, provides an in-depth analysis of the probationary period of employees and explains why it is necessary.

Dace Driče stresses that the probationary period may be useful for both the employer and the employee to make sure that the employee is competent and qualified for the position.

The purpose of the probationary period is to ensure that both parties to an employment contract may check jointly whether the employee is a good fit. As a rule, during the probationary period the employer integrates a new-hire into the company, explains the business, goals, values, internal procedures and policies, trains the new-hire and defines new-hire’s official duties, allowing the new-hire to prove that he or she is the right choice for the position.

Read the full text of the article in the Latvian language here.